Translation for companies

Our professional translators translate your texts, brochures, technical documents, websites, software interfaces, into French or from French into other languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German).
Each translator is selected according to his or her mother tongue and areas of specialisation.

We manage your projects from A to Z: quotation, choice of translator, translation, proofreading, layout, delivery, invoicing and archiving.

Glossaries creation

We create bilingual or multilingual glossaries specific to your sector and terminology.

We update your terminology databases to ensure that we’ll always use the right terminology  validated by you.

We work with powerful software that allows us to use your Excel glossaries and to provide you with glossaries enriched with the terms we have validated with you.




You may have the need for machine translations, but you have doubts about the quality of the translation and its relevance to your specific sector.

We correct your machine translations to make them human and adapted to your context and style.



Trados training for translators and PMs

We also specialise in Trados Studio traning. Find all relevant information on the website Formation-Traduction.


We mainly translate from French into English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German and from these languages into French.

To guarantee quality translations, our professional translators translate into their native language.


Translation for agencies

We translate for translation agencies from English and Italian into French.

Specialising in technical, legal and scientific translation, we work with Trados Studio 2022.


Years of business


Technical translation

The tecnical translation is one of the many areas of specialisation in professional translation.

We translate manuals (maintenance, repair, user), call to tenders, safety data sheets, instructions, software, technical specifications, product data sheets, technical manuals, calculation notes, machine interfaces, parts lists, patents, standards, etc.

Clients who ask us to translate technical documentation work in the transport industry, the food industry, the medical and scientific sector, and IT for industry.


The major challenges of technical translations are the format of the files to translate and the deadlines which are sometimes very tight.

Our know-how, our dedicated tools and the expertise of our translators enable us to manage translation projects involving several file formats and content, and several languages at once.

We can work on InDesign, Word, Rft, Excel, PowerPoint etc…

Whenever possible, we ask you to give us native files (i.e. avoid PDF files) so that we can complete the translation as quickly as possible and at no extra cost.

Legal translation


As an international company, you need to translate legal documents in the field of corporate, business and commercial law.

We also manage your legal translation projects, so that you have a single point of contact for translation.

This means that we can handle your projects in their totality: at the same time as we translate your technical documentation, we can also translate your legal documents.

We can help you translate articles of association, corporate identity documents, shareholders’ agreements, general terms and conditions of sale, agency agreements, partnership agreements, expert reports, resolutions of general meetings, documents relating to the creation or abolition of subsidiaries, documents relating to mergers or acquisitions, annual reports, profit and loss accounts, commercial contracts, minutes, cookie policy and GDPR.




We believe it is very important to respect the confidentiality of your legal documents. Our translators sign confidentiality clauses.

If you wish, we can sign confidentiality clauses.

By using our experienced legal translators with dual expertise (translation and law) we are able to translate your legal texts accurately and quickly.

All translations are proofread before delivery. However, you can ask us for a translation + proofreading service. In this case, the translation will be proofread by a second translator.

In legal translation we are also used to translating files in PDF format. In this case, we will also take care of the final layout. However, the processing of PDF files may involve additional costs.

Scientific and medical translation


We also translate in the scientific, medical and dental sectors.

We translate medical research articles, marketing authorisation documents, patient files, clinical trial reports, drug leaflets, informed consent forms, medical and dental instructions for use, and product safety sheets (chemical sector).



For the translation of scientific and medical texts, we rely on translators who specialise in these sectors and have many years of experience.

Scientific and medical translations also include medical devices, for which we also translate the technical and legal documentation.


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